composition for ten impromptu sculptures

composition for ten impromptu sculptures was released via bandcamp on 14 Dec 2019

“composition for ten impromptu sculptures” uses the sounds generated by moving sculpture (from the 2017/2018 one-a-day sculpture series)

composition for ten impromptu sculptures

The sculpture sequence started as a yearlong project of daily impromptu works and ended up running to 500 pieces. The last 55 featured movement and sound. Each piece was a daily post on Instagram (@concretewheels). This recording is composed of ten tracks taken from the sounds generated by sculptures 445, 449, 466, 468, 469, 476, 486, 493, 496 and 497. Elements of each piece varied. Frequent use was made of c clamps, f clamps, small motors, wire, tape, hammers, fans, pot lids, tin cans, string, chairs, concrete blocks, vise grips, rebar, bungee cords and metal pipe.

available here

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